Round GB Anchorages. Loch Ewe to The Solent.

From Loch Eriboll to the Solent anchorage may be in short supply if there are onshore winds as there has been for much of my circumnavigations.

To see my recent visits to each anchorage check out the "Labels" towards the bottom of the right hand panel.

Loch Ewe

A large loch with anchorages to suite all tastes. My favourite is Aultbea, 

Position "A" in the anchorage, watch out for a couple old pic up
buoys and it is quite shoal so don't go to far without checking the depth
all round and checking the tide tables.

Looking south, the NATO refuelling point on the left.

On both visits there have been great sun sets.

Visited 2020 and 2021.

Loch Ned

Excellent shelter and can be entered in almost any conditions but its hard to spot the entrance from a distance but obviously not a problem with GPS (assuming it is not being interfered with by the Navy) there are a series of pictures here. Its a fairly long leg to or from Loch Erribol but in favourable winds I have done it in ten and a quarter hours North bound going quite close in to Cape Wrath and eleven and a half hours south bound standing off further (link above).

Visited 2020 and 2021.

Loch Eriboll

A large loch with good shelter but some of the anchorages, including the most convenient, shown in the pilot are a waste of time (see link re Loch Nedd  North bound going quite close in to Cape Wrath ), but I have found good anchorages on both sides of Ard Neachie on the east side and there are other likely spots.

Ard Neachie south side
The down side is a long motor to and from the open sea

Visited 2020 and 2021.

Hunda Sound (Scarpa Flow)

An excellent anchorage and a very convenient start point when heading south down the east coast or when arriving from the west or south late at night, see "Navigating the Pentland Firth".

On arrival at 04:00 on a May morning.
Visited 2020 and 2021.

Sinclair's Bay (Noss Head)

A rather exposed anchorage but OK as a passage anchorage with an offshore wind provided there is not a "left over" sea coming from the north through east.

Noss Head from the anchorage.
Visited 2020.

Ethien Haven (Montrose)

At the south end of Lunan bay from the north west through south.

Visited 2020.


A very attractive anchorage, not to be missed

But I have twice ended up with a foul anchor so take care anchoring and approaching. Check out the Pilot and / or Reeds, my posts here give an overview, arriving from the north and arriving from the south both with lost of pictures.

Visited 2020 and 2021.


A usefully passage anchorage with some shelter from the N to NE.

Filey Brig, protecting the anchorage from the north.
Visited 2020 and 2021.

The Downs

An anchorage for commercial and warships for hundreds of years in the days of sail as ships waited for a favourable wind to get through the Dover straights and down channel and still occasionally used today. I anchored in the "Small Downs" where the holding was a bit "iffy", by the sound of it thin sand or mud over rock but clearly the holding is normally better than that. 

Only usable in an offshore wind, it was very rough when I went up the Gull Stream in 2021.

Visited in 2020


Another anchorage only tenable in suitable weather but a useful passage anchorage to wait for a fair tide around Dungeness. If the Lydd range is inactive then encroaching into the practice area would be worth a look.

Visited in 2021


Only tenable with offshore winds or in very calm conditions but useful waiting for a fair tide around Beachy head.

Visited in 2021.

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