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Fingle's Cave, Staffa, 2021.
Google Blogger withdrew the subscribe by e-mail function so I am trying out a third party one. In test but it is looking good. If it works well I will also add this function to the Achilles site, but probably not until I get back from my next cruise.

Registration is automatic but sending notifications is a semi-manual process so you won't get a mail for minor changes and normally I would not send more than one notification in a day and more likely would just send one at significant points in a long cruise after getting the blog reasonably up to date.

If you do not receive a welcome email check your spam filter and put the mailing address onto your allowed list (click this is not spam or similar). Each email gives the option to unsubscribe, but hopefully you won't!

No personal data is required, just an e-mail address that will not be shared or used for commercial purposes.

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