Round GB Anchorages: Browns Bay NI to Loch Ewe.

Be sure to check out Reeds  and / or the appropriate pilots (Clyde Cruise Club sailing directions) for more detailed information and some alternates, this is just an overview of ones I have been to. I am generally only concerning myself with anchorages as harbours and marinas are well covered elsewhere.

For anchorages in this area the Antares Charts covering almost 600 anchorages are invaluable and for some indispensable At £15 they don't break the bank and as well as the chart you get a very good summary of each, most if not all of the anchorages below are covered.

Sequenced approximately south to north. Links open in a new window and most point to the trip towards the anchorage, the following post may have more information.

To see my recent visits to each anchorage check out the "Labels" towards the bottom of the right hand panel.

Campletown, E Kintyre.

Campletown anchorage

Visited 2021.

Ardmarnock Bay, Loch Fyne.

Good fair weather anchorage well protected from the south. A useful passage anchorage on the way to or from the Crinan Canal.

Ardmarnock Bay

Visited 2021.

Port Ellen, Islay

I visited the marina in 2020, 2021 & 2022, there is also an associated anchorage that accommodates the occasional large cruise ship but also can makes a good passage anchorage or place to wait for a good wind if you want to avoid marina charges. 

According to the admiralty chart (BA2476-3 Inset "C" Port Ellen) the N and E sides of the bay are rock or rock and weed (the moorings shown on the NE side have been removed), the centre is a bit deep (12m LAT although there is not much range above) and could be problematical if a cruise ship arrived (I have only seen 1, in 2022, that left as I arrived) The west side, (Kilnaughrtob Bay) is Sand and Shell and the recommended spot but it could be uncomfortable or untenable in some conditions, it was certainly uncomfortable in 20 - 30 knots of easterly winds!

Port Ellen anchorage, Kilnaughton Bay

Bagh na Doirline, Gigha.

In the right conditions a useful passage anchorage heading to or from the Crinan canal. On the NW corner of Gigha and very exposed in Northerly winds. 

Visited in 2021

Craro Bay, Ghia

Visited 2022

Eilean Dubh, Carsaig Bay, Sound of Jura

Looking along the anchorage.

A nice generally well sheltered anchorage but somewhat expose to the NNE, good holding as far as I could tell with room for a number of boats.

Visited in 2021

Loch Tarbert, N Jura -South Side - Glenbatric Bay 

Pictured from Bag Glean Righ Mor (below) the anchorage is
either side of the reef just visible, right half of the pic.

Details to follow.

Visited in 2020 

Loch Tarbert, N Jura -North Side - Bag Glean Righ Mor 

Details to follow

Visited 2022

Ardalanish, W Mull.


Visited 2021

Tinker's Hole (West Mull / Iona)

Details to follow

Entering Tinker's Hole
Visited 2022

Tobermory. Mull.

Visited in 2020, 2021 & 2022 but I was unable to anchor and picked up a buoy due to conditions and limited space due to Covid-19, anchoring is however permitted inside of moorings (very limited space) and in deeper water further out. 

Sanna Bay, Ardnamuchan.

Details to follow.

Visited 2022.

Loch Na Dal, Sound of Sleat.

Looking out from the Loch Na Dal anchorage.

A useful package anchorage before or after going through Kyle Rhea especially in a NE wind when the nearby anchorage at Ornsay may not be tenable. Avoid the SW half which has extensive kelp. There are a couple of large mooring buoys for the local restaurant / hotel.

Visited 2021

Canna, The Small Ilses.

Looking towards Rum from the Canna anchorage / moorings.

Details to follow

Visited 2022

Broadford Bay, Skye

Good shelter from offshore winds and good holding, the guides say there are decent facilities ashore accessible by dinghy but nothing else to recommend it except that it is closer to Skye bridge than some alternates.

Visited 2020.


Sancerre anchored in 2020. I believe its normally much busier,
lack of boats probably down to Covid.
Sancerre on a mooring in the outer anchorage 2022, still not
that busy but it was early May.
Well sheltered from most directions, perhaps not from the NE, in 2022 I was there during gales from the W & SW, the wind was gusty and variable in direction causing the boat to swing and sway quite violently at times, accentuated by the very long lies from the buoys, but with smooth water it was reasonably comfortable and better than most anchorages you will find in these conditions. An anchored boat not far away appeared to be somewhat more stable.

A good place to eat ashore, if you can get a table, most places specialise in sea food and can be quite expensive depending on choice. Shopping is extremely limited, consider a trip to Lochcarron (check the links) in the upper loch if you need serious resupply, the Spar shop there is the best I have come across out side of much larger villages and towns.

Upper Lochcarron

Lochcarron village from the large anchorage.

Visited 2021 and 2022

Churchton Bay, S Rassay.

Visited 2021

Braes Beach (Skye) / Rassay Narrows.

Across the narrows from Churchton Bay, S. Rassay (above) with better protection from the wind from the south and west.

Visited 2022

Loch Shieldaig / Torridon, 

Sancerre in Loch Shieldaig anchorage taken from the slip way.
A very attractive trip through Loch Torridon (see link) to get there and several anchorages to suit most conditions. A good restaurant but watch the price of wine which is overpriced, probably best to stick to other drinks. A small shop with very limited stock.

Visited 2021

Caolas Mor, Loch Skiport, S. Uist.

Details to follow

Visited 2022

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