Sunday, July 9, 2023

2023 What next?

Sancerre will be lifted out on July 25th for me to redo the anti-fouling, hopefully this time with enough of a good enough quality one to work for rather longer than last years 4 coats. 

She will be relaunched on or about August 7th and as soon as the weather permits, hopefully on the day, I will be heading west, probably to the Scillies after that I am planning to head for SW Ireland and cruise the west coast, returning via The Channel Isles if there is time, as there may well be if the weather is not looking good in Ireland during mid September, I don't want strong winds to strand me there for weeks which they could well do with a 3 day window of fair wind and sea required to get to Newlyn.

Update 4th August:

The boat is ready and will be lifted in on Monday as planned, the weather however is not fully cooperating the current forecast shows 25 - 30 knots gusts from the southwest on Monday and Tuesday so it is likely that I'll take the boat down to the mooring on Monday then head directly to Portland on Wednesday to use the inshore route around the Bill on Thursday with a near ideal tide, the gate opens at 05:34 but I'll plan to go through at 06:00 an hour after the start of civilian twilight so that I should be able to see the lobster pot floats down the side and around the Bill. The weather models differ as to the wind direction on Wednesday and Thursday but all predictions should be OK with regards to strength.

Click here for days 1 & 2.

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