Tracking Sancerre

The position and recent track as reported by AIS (Automatic Identification System) should be shown on one or all of the imbedded mapsbelow. Alternatively larger versions can be viewed by going to the respective web sites, or All open in new windows, the various sites have different populations of AIS receivers so one may pick me up when the others don't, also they have different charging systems so the free versions have varying amounts of historical and other information. appears to have the best coverage but subscriptions are expensive and historical info on the free version is limited (a cheap one off purchase of the iPad app improves that somewhat giving a >= 24 hour track on the iPad and PC using the same sign-on). 

Marine Traffic

"Vesselfinder" and "Myshiptracking" (below) frequently give a very out of date report, clicking on the panel (eg on "more info") may bring a later position.

All of them should give my latest position if in range of one of their stations and that will normally be updated every few minutes whereas the IridiumGo track (below), when active, is updated every hour and appears not to be as accurate (I think this is a plotting issue not the position report itself). Note that I turn my AIS off when in harbour or a safe anchorage so that the reported time in port will be about the time I arrived there. In some open anchorages, those close to a fairway or in poor visibility I may leave the system on so that ASI equipped vessels will have warning of my presence.
An example of a track on
 Sancerre going south from Scarpa Flow, August 2020.
Only the previous 24 hours being shown. 
Tracks, ports of call and other info may be available from the menus within each window, the imbedded "info" box can be closed to better view the map.


When away from civilisation and decent 3G or 4G signals for any length of time I may activate my IridiumGo system to download weather forecasts, send or receive text messages and make phone calls, it is rather expensive and in practical terms has a minimum activation of the current + next month so will be used sparingly, probably for one period in an extended cruise. A side benefit is position reporting provided via "Predictwind", the map for this is at the bottom of this page or For a larger version in a new window click this link. I have noticed that sometimes the in-line version is not always updated correctly a "refresh" normally sorts that, but the larger version is recommended, notes (if any) are also less intrusive.

Vessel Finder: MyShip Tracking

May display Sancerre's MMSI "232009964" instead of the name. 


Activated 26 April 2023 until the end of June, the display can be de-cluttered by clicking on the icon top right and selecting an appropriate time span etc.

2022: Iridium was reactivated on Friday 8th April 2022, tracking started on the 9th from St Michael's Mount, Ignore the line from NE England which is were I was when I switched it off last year. It was deactivated on the 27th May when I gave up trying to get to St Kilda after being weather bound, mainly in Plockton, for 3 weeks and will probably be inactive until April 2023, after the start of my next trip.

The weather shown above is the current forecast from the model selectable from the icon top right.