Iridium Communications

Phone and text messaging number:


But see below regarding very high costs and how to avoid them!


Short emails can be sent and received free, at sea this is very slow at about 2Kb/sec so anything over 25KB is not normally downloaded but all mails are forwarded to my conventional email account which I can pick up when I have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. The address is

Or use the contact form below which will go to my conventional account and, when it is active, via Iridium.

Phone Calls

In-bound voice calls cost the caller over £3.50 / minute, so it is much better to request a call back by email or text as I can call landline and mobiles for free (within reason).

My calls to satellite phones can be VERY expensive, especially to INMARSAT (e.g. Iridium to INMARSAT is $10.49 per minute, Iridium to Iridium is cheaper at $0.65), so I am only going to return one of those if it is urgent.
Listen to voice mails cost me > $1 a minute so unless it seems urgent I will not be listening for long!

SMS Text

To send a free txt copy the phone number 8881623488909 then follow this link , paste it into the phone number and fill in the rest.

SMS texts sent in the normal way from a mobile phone are charged at the international rates, my outbound texts to terrestrial mobiles are free.

Note that I only receive texts when I am on the boat and have switched the Iridium on. If I am known to be in a UK port (see the location and tracking page above) then a text to my mobile is probably a better bet.