Wednesday, June 7, 2023

2023 May 29th Day 46 Opsay Basin to Taransay

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I didn’t fancy the planned anchorage at Ensay so ended up at loch na Huide (auto corrected to Huddersfield, glad to have noticed), Taransay and its a cracker… and with sun!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ St Kilda probably tomorrow.

Threading through the islets and rocks from the Cope passage to the
Stanton passage was interesting, I initially went to an anchorage
off Ensay but decided it was not for me and went on to an excellent
anchorage in Loch Na Huidhe, Taransay.
A more detailed view, interesting but straight forward pilotage
in benign conditions.
Turning to starboard out of the Cope Passage by the stbd hand
green Conical NW of Groay.
I could have done without the ferry which will leave this stbd
Lateral (NW Rodel Rks) close to starboard, there was a safe place
to wait to the east so I let the ferry past here rather than having
problems in the narrow entrance into the Stanton Channel at
Grocis Sgeir.
One of several Minke Whales in the Cope Passage, Sound of Harris.

Loch Na Huidhe anchorage, Taransay.

2023 Through the Sound of Harris to Taransay

20 miles in five and a quarter hours.

Click her for St Kilda!

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