Wednesday, June 7, 2023

2023 June 6th, Day 54 Port Ellen to Browns Bay (Larne)

6th June Facebook post: 

After a 5 o'clock start the engine was off at 05:30 and apart from an hour off of the Maidens it stayed off until Browns Bay. Initially the wind was 11 knots from the NE and I made quick progress under the Cruising Chute, for all of 10 minutes when it started to veer to the east and by 09:45 I had a reef in as the wind was 14 knots and gusting. Close hauled on port tank it was a bit of a struggle to keep clear of the Traffic Separation Scheme as the wind went further round to the SE.

A quick trip averaging a tad over 5 knots. No pictures due to the weather.

51 miles in 10 hours.

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