Wednesday, June 7, 2023

2023 June 2nd, Day 50 to Tobermory.

Facebook Post 2nd June: 

"On a mooring for the night [...]. Water still off, apparently a water pumping / purification station failed, it should have been fixed yesterday but is still off. At least they are now allowing visiting sailors to use the toilets overnight (when the building is only open to paying visitors with the "secret" code) it’s not known when they can open the showers and laundry. So tomorrow I’ll make a short hop somewhere to rest after 5 heavy days on the trot."

Rum to Tobermory
A dreary day to start but a reasonable wind which died shortly after I left so on went the engine for almost 3 hours, then 3 hours of good sailing in a Force 3 north-westerly. I made Tobermory at 13:45 as the sky cleared for a nice afternoon and evening. 

The afternoon was hard work with two trips rowing the dinghy in for diesel and Camping Gaz then a long row right across the harbour to the small beach a few yards away from the CO-OP for supplies.

2023 Rum to Tobermory

29 miles in six and a quarter hours.

To Loch Aline

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