Saturday, June 17, 2023

2023 June 16th, Days 64 & 65 Fishguard to Milford Haven

Facebook Posts as I crossed St Brides Bay:

"1. A long motor around from Fishguard in reasonable weather but no wind for the first 20 miles then headwinds in a relatively narrow passages so not worth trying to sail. now hot and humid with rain spots. Quite interesting through Ramsey Sound otherwise everything was very straight forward .

No idea what I’ll do next, going along the Welsh coast could put me into a worse position when wind arrives and the N Devon coast is a long way away in likely conditions.

2. Lundy might be an option Sunday or Monday, and it has been on the bucket list for a long time."

Given the likely conditions I decided to use the Ramsey Sound avoiding a long trip outside of Ramsey Island and the off lying "Bishop and Clerks" but to avoid Jack Sound by a shorter diversion outside of Skomer.

To get fair tide through Ramsey Sound and through to Milford I had to leave at 04:20 and fight the adverse tide past Strumble Head, which was stronger than anticipated. 

Strumble Head still flashing at 05:30
The tide turned a little earlier than anticipated but I turned south shortly after the tide had turned favourable and was quickly and safely through.

Entering the sound at 09:00 on a very grey day.
About half way through approaching "The Bitches", the narrowest
point in the Sound, tides can run at 6 knots through the Sound
with eddies and over-falls.
The wind which had been light or non existent from the east now set in from the south and it started to rain so I continued mainly under engine across  St Brides Bay, only for it to turn ESE as I past Skomer - again a head wind down Broad Sound.
Inevitably I met the fast Ireland Ferry, this time close enough that I
had to take avoiding action as she turned inside the Mid Channel
Rock West Cardinal Buoy - just visible on the left. After the bashing
I took last time I was giving St Ann's Head a wide berth.
In anticipation of easterly winds I went to Sandy Haven Bay where I spent a reasonable night but the following morning I was laying broadside to the waves so, waiting for a favourable wind, I moved to Dale Shelf which was better protected for the next night.

Whilst in the area the Angle lifeboat (actually a relief boat - I later saw the normal one off  "The Lizard" getting involved in another rescue, more of which later), the first was to a sailing boat with a failed engine and no wind, the second, as I was leaving, was a medivac from the paddle steamer Waverley.

2023 Fishguard to Milford Haven through Ramsey Sound

40 miles in 9 hours

Click here for a note regarding lack of progress on the blog.

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