Sunday, June 25, 2023

2023 June 22nd, Day 71 Newlyn to St Mawes

A pleasant sail although a little uncomfortable in over-falls off the lizard and with plenty of action. I left at 05:15 for optimal tides, and had the engine off 25 minutes later sailing in a nice 11 knots from the SSW.

Things livened up big time just after I passed the Lizard when Falmouth Coastguard put out a general "pan pan" request after multiple reports of red flares seen c 3 miles south of the Lizard and asking for information from boats in the area. They also contacted several vessels directly asking two fishing boats to go to the area. Several boats including the Sailing Brixham Trawler "Pilgrim of Brixham" headed for the area. 

I was down wind so it would have taken a long time to get there so I started a scan with binoculars. Then another yacht reported flares astern that placed the incident somewhat closer in. The Lizard Lifeboat was then east of the Lizard and was on the scene quickly and recovered a fisherman who had been clinging to his bow of his capsized and swamped fishing boat for an hour. After getting the casualty to shore the lifeboat recovered the fishing boat that was a danger to shipping to Cadgwith Cove.

The Coastguard's excellent report on the incident can be found here.

The Angle (Milford Haven) Lifeboat was on passage and diverted
to assist but the Lizard boat got there first.
The trawler "Pilgrim of Brixham".
Running north east to the east of the Lizard.
Reaching north having gybed at the Manacles and flying the
Cruising Chute from the spinnaker pole.
For some reason when I am around, the wind always seems to freshen off the Helford even when it is not blowing down the valley, this time I saw it coming and got the Cruising Chute down before I was overpowered.
Pendennis to the west of the entrance to the Fal.
St Antony Head to the east.

2023 Newlyn to St Mawes

2023 St Mawes, Falmouth Working Boats

Lots of pics (69) of lots of Falmouth working boats racing.

34 miles in eight and a quarter hours

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