Wednesday, June 7, 2023

2023 June 1st, Day 49 To Loch Na Cuille and Rum

Loch Finsbay to Rum
After a quite start it was a nice Force 3 all of the way down the west coast of Skye, much of it running or on a broad reach, with a calm sea it was very pleasant.

Excellent sailing off Loch Bracadale on the west coast of Skye,
Canna visible off the starboard bow. Best viewed full screen.

2023 Loch Finsbay south down the west cost of Skye  

The anchorage at Loch Na Cuille, a small part of Loch Scresort, is reckoned by many to be the most dramatic in mainland Scotland, the problem is that much of Loch Scresort, including some of Loch Na Cuille has very dense Kelp. The anchorage is also rather shallow and when I arrived all of the best places were occupied, I tried to anchor in one of the recommended alternates but failed to get through the Kelp on each occasion and was in danger in injuring my back again removing lots of long heavy Kelp from the anchor. 

Loch Na Cuille from Loch Scavaig, the anchorage indicated by
the masts sticking above the islet.
A second alternate anchorage was an option but would likely have the same problem and risk my back again, changing the anchor for my folding stock Admiralty pattern (Fisherman) anchor would stand a better chance of penetrating the weed but would inevitably bring up lots more weed when I recovered the anchor, so I decided to give up on the anchorage and to head for Rum.

2023 Loch Scavaig

Loch Scresort on the east coast of Rum has a reputation for swell refracting right round the island making the anchorage uncomfortable but I was lucky and had a very quite night.

Looking out from the anchorage with the sea as rough as it got.
Sundowners were very late, three weeks before the longest day
this far north. This photo was taken at 22:14.

Update: by the time I got to Tobermory many business had been shut due to lack of water and B&B's etc were under restrictions; the reason was not, as had been reported lack of available water, it was the failure of one of two pumping and treatment plants that was restricting supply, the repairs took longer than they thought and water supply was not restored until after I left, but the toilets were being opened overnight for the use users of the marina and Buoys.

2023 Loch Scresort Rum

64 miles in 14 hours.

Click here for Tobermory

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