Saturday, June 17, 2023

2023 June 17th Progress on the blog, or lack of it

I am not doing well keeping up to date on the blog this year, many of my starts have been very early followed by long legs and rest days have often been quite busy restocking the boat or resting. 

Then on days like today the boat is in constant motion and it is not comfortable to type, organise pictures etc.  then there has often been bandwidth issues or no signal at all so the backlog just gets longer. Finally I have had back problems and typing on the saloon table is not good for it.

I'll continue to put up place holder posts as it is the easiest way keep things in sequence and am now including some notes and Facebook posts that tend to be short and often done on the iPad, often at sea. 

Eventually I'll come back and fill in the detail but I suspect that the bulk of photos will not get uploaded to Flikr until I get home and have time,

Click here for the trip across the Bristol Channel / Celtic Sea.

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