Thursday, June 15, 2023

2023 June 14th, Days 62 and 63 Aberdaron Bay to Fishguard.

An 04:00 start into the beginning of the foul north going tide but it would have been a good deal stronger past Bardsey Island and beyond if I had left later.

The engine was off at 04:30 and the Cruising Chute went up shortly after 07:00 with 11 knots of easterly wind. 

Half way over I got a call from Aberporth Range Control with full details of a small danger area, I'm not sure why - they could see from AIS that as I was clearly heading well clear but I suspect it was an excuse to repeat on channel 16 an earlier warning that was somewhat less detailed, after plotting out the position given I confirmed I would be well clear - this time on a working channel.

The sailing was very good until about 15 miles out from Fishguard when the wind died to less than five knots so with time marching on and the tide turning foul on went the engine and I anchored at 16:30, NE of Castle Point, well outside of the pretty Lower Harbour, it being full with a number of boats anchored closer in. 

The Ireland ferry coming in on Wednesday evening.
A cruise ship arrived early on Thursday morning for the best
part of a day as passengers left and arrived.
After a quite night it was another busy day getting the dinghy out and the engine on to motor across the wide harbour for fuel from a petrol station and supplies from a good Tesco Express next door, the garage Spar shop being a waste of time.

I was anchored NE of Castle Point, the fuel station close to the
end of the the long breakwater

A seal hauled out on a semi submerged something attached to
the buoy passed on the way across the harbour.
Aberdaron Bay to Fishguard
Facebook Post, 15th June:

2023 Aberdaron to Fishguard

50 miles in twelve and a half hours

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