Sunday, June 25, 2023

2023 June 25th, Day 73 St Mawes to Fowey

With a strong south westerly wind forecast it seemed sensible to get out of St Mawes early for a night in Fowey by which time the F6 (possibly F7) should have blown through, so I was away at 05:15 which also gave a fair tide past The Dodman almost to Fowey by which time the tide in the estuary would be ebbing which is good for coming alongside at the short term pontoon and the fuel berth. 

After motoring for an hour and a half in light winds the engine went off as the very light south-easterly  veered to the SW and increased to a nice F3 although it became significantly stronger as I approached Fowey and the sea became bumpy from multiple directions, not uncommon in the area; it was bad enough that I took the main down on a broad reach rather than heading into wind, somewhat tedious but safer given the boats likely motion if I turned.

Fowey AWB coming out on exercise as I went in.
It was quite "lumpy" in the entrance.
There was no room on the short term pontoon, (It's short term but there is plenty of time to get a shower and to do some shopping) so I went up to the fuel berth, for me that is easiest to get onto port side too during the ebb, it also puts the fuel filler, nearest to the pump. With the tank full and another 30 litres in cans I now had plenty to motor all of the was back to the Hamble if I had to, fortunately I didn't.

As I already had the fenders out and mooring lines in place I went to a Pontoon berth rather than a buoy, my first time on those in Pont Pill where there was a spot available on the lee side so I had a quite night, if only windward berths had been available I would have gone to a buoy rather than face being bashed against the pontoon all night.

Pontoon #1 in Pont Pill from Pontoon 2.
Fowey from Pontoon #2
For a quick visit I did not bother getting the dinghy and outboard out - with the tide it is not advisable to row across in any wind and it was blowing 15 or 20 knots - and instead took the water Taxi to town where I had an expensive shower and did some shopping including a good pasty for a late lunch from a baker I have been going to since the 1970s if not before.

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