Wednesday, June 7, 2023

2023 June 3rd, Day 51 Tobermory to Loch Aline

A slow passage but pleasant and I arrived in the anchorage at the head of the loch in time for lunch, watching seals basking in the warm sun.

You have to look sharp through the narrow entrance, the ferry
is small and can offload and reload very quickly, I had slowed
down to deconflict in the Sound and although I did not delay the
departure it was close.
There was even less wind inside the Loch.
"Pippin" (left) once the stead of fellow Jester sailor John Willis
and before that Pete Goss. John and Pippen have featured on
the blog several times.
Tobermory to Loch Aline
2023 Tobermory to Loch Aline

14 miles in four and a half hours.

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