Tuesday, August 8, 2023

2023 7th August, Days 1 + 2 To Studland

Off again! A reasonable trip to Bursledon by train and when I arrived the boat was already in the water and had been moved to a marina berth and, providing I waited for the flood tide to ease, saving me any serious problems getting out,

The weather was good and bad, initially there was a very light wind so I was able to get the headsail hoisted and furled on the berth and although fresher the wind was not an issue when I left  a little before 4 o'clock. Things changed big time as I left the Hamble and the wind blew up until it was 22 - 25 knots gusting a little, with the SW wind blowing straight up the western Solent for 10 miles into over 2 knots of tide the seas were pretty evil for the Solent and it was very wet trip as I motored down to Hurst for a quite night.

The Hurst anchorage, the new bank left of centre caused by work
on the castle to stabilise it. The anchorage appears to be a little
deeper than previously and the tide stronger.

17 miles in 3 hours.


The forecast for today was not good with rain and drizzle predicted to set in mid to late morning with a F4-5 south westerly, the models downloaded on Monday evening showed gusts to about 24 knots. But there was a window early morning when the wind would be F3, as this corresponded to a favourable tide out of the Solent and to points west I weighed anchor at 04:15 for a quick dash before breakfast the 16 miles to Studland where there is less tide than at Hurst and which, with a reasonable forecast for Wednesday, should enable me to sail to Portland in one tide even if I have to beat part of the way.

16 miles in two and three-quarters of an hour.

Click here for Portland

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