Thursday, August 31, 2023

2023 30th August, Days 24 - 25 Portmellon to Fowey.

 With little or no wind I motored to Fowey.

A short diversion to check out Pentewan that looks very different
to when we holidayed there in our caravan over 50 years ago.
Just after I called in to get a mooring, a call came in from another
"Sancerre" wanting to pay before leaving, not a common name.

Wednesday evening racing at Fowey.
31st August:

Darn weather (forecasts)! Having given up on Ireland due to a week or more of NW winds and moving east with an eye on the Channel Islands the forecast is now for a lot of E or NE winds, quite brisk at times and NE is not a good direction to be over there. 

At least it’s meant to be sunny for a good while after the current rain moves away, also every thing could change depending on the track of the Hurricane currently in the Atlantic - not the one over the USA and a good example of why you don’t sail to the US in August or September as someone on the Achilles site was recently saying they wanted to do in an Achilles 24!.

The ECMWF chart for the North Atlantic, 31st August.

2023 2 Portmellon to Fowey

Just 8 miles in 2 hours.

Click here for Cawsand and Hope Cove

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