Sunday, August 27, 2023

2023 20th August, Day 14 Newlyn to St Mary's and St Martins IoS

An excellent albeit chilly sail over once clear of some dense fog banks south of Newlyn.

Newlyn to Watermill Cove.
When I was close to the Wolf Rock, a very serious sounding Mayday call was received by Falmouth Coastguard (the second Mayday I had heard on this trip in addition to several Pan Pan urgency calls) who were coping well with difficult VHF communications, because they were talking to someone in the water and fairly close in to cliffs. But they managed it, the following explains:

I went to the anchorage at Watermill Cove on the North side of St Mary's which is a recommended anchorage for S or SW winds. Unfortunately it was quite crowded and initially I was anchored well out where it was quite uncomfortable with the boat lying broadside to small waves refracting round St Mary's. I was considering a move to St Helen's Pool or Old Grimsby but that could not be done until mid evening when the tide had risen sufficiently.

My spot on arrival.
Before that a boat further in left so instead I went to where he had been, although further in I was still further east than ideal and it was still a little uncomfortable but I stayed the night.

34 nautical miles over the ground in 9 hours.


Next morning I motored round to St Martin's bay which has much better protection where I anchored behind the boat that had left Watermill Cove the previous evening. Just after I arrived I lost the O2 phone signal and it didn't return so needing to attend to problems with the home broadband I did not stay long and headed for Hugh Town.

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