Sunday, August 27, 2023

2023 24th August, Days 18 - 21 Hugh Town to Coverack, the Truro River and St Mawes

An excellent first day although it was damp and cold and I was forever putting reefs in and taking them out again. Making excellent progress I decided to get east of the Lizard well ahead of approaching windy weather and chose to go into the good anchorage at Coverack rather than plug the foul tide to the Fal.

It was rather busy going round The Lizard, a lot of us trying
and failing to get round before the tide set west and loads more
rather early for their rounding (AIS boats only!)

Heading NE up the Lizard Peninsular.
Coverack from the anchorage.

After a quite night at Coverack I headed for the Fal and up to the Truro River to shelter from the approaching strongish winds and to again meet up with Roger and Ron in Rogers "Blue Magic".
14 miles in three and a half hours, about 50:50 motoring and under sail.

2023 2 Hugh Town to The Truro River

Truro River

Blue Magic ahead of Sancerre on the pontoon, the best anchorage
being taken.
The strong winds arrived along with rain so I was there fore 3 days. On the last night it became rather crowded as boats arrived for an Ocean Cruising Club rally, sadly rain put a litteral dampener on the pontoon party although I did meet up John, another Jester Sailor last seen in Baltimore and had a quick tour of Samsara.

To St Mawes

On Sunday morning we left for St Mawes, Blue Magic to continue later in the day to The Helford and me ready to head on early next morning.

Mylor Marina and moorings.
St Just in Roseland.
Castle Point, St Mawes.

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