Sunday, August 13, 2023

2023 11th August, Days 5 - 8 Cawsand to Sand Acre Bay, St Germans.

Friday the 11th was spent recovering from the early starts of the previous few days and waiting for Roger to arrive in his Dehler 41 "Blue Magic" with Ron as Crew (but driving in the video), they arrived just before seven in the evening after a very quick passage from The Helford.

Blue Magic

I went aboard for a chin wag after they had eaten dinner and to decide what to do next day when some strong winds were expected. Roger, who knows the area well decided on Sand Acre Bay, so on Saturday we set off at 10:00 on the flood tide.

Sancerre off Cawsand, pic by Ron Dustow.
Roger hoisted a jib shortly after weighing but I stayed under motor not wanting to short tack single handed on the turn past drakes Island.

Drakes Island from the North.
In the blustery wind that reached 30 knots as we anchored, I set the double reefed head sail passing to the North of Drakes Island but kept the engine engaged to clear the West Vanguard buoy, then started to sail but kept the engine running but out of gear "just in case" until I was past South Yard when I shook out one reef for the reach up the Harmoaze.

Sailing away from the 41 footer which on this occasion
was handicapped by her small jib.
One of Brunel's finest as we turned into the Saint Germans or
Lynher River to anchor at Sand Acre Bay on the north shore.
We could be here for a while, at the time of writing (Sunday a.m.) the forecast is for southerly winds F5 - 7 (Gusting F8 in places) lasting into tomorrow.  

Tides and wind had the boat all over the place but in calm water
and excellent holding for the anchor it was not a problem.
Lighter winds arrive Tuesday but on the nose making the Fal a very long trip, Fowey is out as its Regatta week and even with the poor weather is likely to be packed, so the only likely option is to anchor in St Austal Bay or off  Goran Haven but both may be very uncomfortable, even untenable if as is likely there is a heavy sea still running. From Wednesday on winds are likely to be light and variable before becoming strong from the East at the end of the week. We shall see.

2023 2 Cawsand to Sand Acre Bay

8 miles in 2 hours.

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