Friday, August 18, 2023

2023 15th August, Day 9 Sand Acre Bay to Portscatho

I left just before six in a dead calm and made quick progress down the Hamoaze on the first of the ebb side.

Leaving the Hamoaze heading west of Drakes Island.
"The Gate", a narrow short cut to the west of Drake's Island.
Plymouth Sound
I ran into fog just past Drake's Island, fortunately it was isolated banks.
 Plymouth breakwater just after dawn.
I had hoped to anchor for the night on the east side of the Lizard peninsula, somewhere between The Helford and Coverack but with a moderate and rather variable head wind that proved too far so I went to Portscathow, a good fair weather anchorage, not as protected from swell as St Mawes but much closer and only a couple of miles more to the Lizard the next morning when I would have lots of time  before the tide turned favourable,

Looking east from the anchorage, The Dodman on the right,
the Portscatho National Coast Watch lookout on the left.
Portscatho is a popular destination for boats day sailing
from the Fal, only two of us stayed overnight.
2023 2 Sand Acre Bay to Portscathow
44 miles over the ground in nine and a half hours.

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