Monday, December 28, 2020

Covid-19 Lockdown and Blog updates

Here we go again! In March 2020 the lockdown came just after I put Sancerre onto her mooring, so at least I did not have to pay for the marina berth through to the partial reopening in June. This year she is out of the water and due back on the mooring, which I have all year, in mid march.

One coat of antifoul done with the boot (white) line raised 
 to stop weed collecting on the gloss paint when the boat is
heavily loaded for extended cruising.

With the likelihood of further restrictions and to avoid possible harsh weather in January and February I put a lot of effort in from mid November when Sancerre came out of the water and managed to get the hull prepared and a single coat of antifoul on before the serious lockdown was announced and, with a last minute Christmas eve visit, I got the engine water pump back on, the Blake's seacocks for the toilet back in and the automatic bilge pump rewired with a new switch, so if the lockdown lasts into March, I will be able to get her back in the water and onto the mooring with a few days notice and one or two days on site, hopefully avoiding possible additional storage charges at the boat yard.

Unable to visit the boat to complete winter maintenance I am spending some of the time in (Tier 4 for the boat and separately for me) lockdown to put some additional info on here and to update some of the posts relating to my round GB trip in 2020.

In particular I have copied and expanded on a post I made on the owners group Flickr site when an owner of a smaller Achilles asked about the handling of the Achilles 9m, that with a good deal of other information, can be found by clicking on here (opens in a new window)  or on the "About the Achilles 9m and Sancerre" tab above (opens in this window).

I have also added a page of pictures from each of my cruises in Sancerre and have imbedded maps showing Sancerre's latest position and some historical info from AIS returns on the "Tracking Sancerre" tab above.

The next project, currently WIP is a page of hints on cooking and eating at sea.

Update: and with the new lock down there could well be a few more.

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