Friday, December 11, 2020

More propeller / shaft issues.

The refurbished 14" x 13" propeller.
 After haul out I found that the cutlass bearing, replaced last year at enormous cost because it was seized in position and the engine had to be moved forward to remove the shaft to chisel the bearing out, was again worn, not dangerously but enough to need replacement. Hopefully this time it will be an hours work and not expensive.

The question is why did it wear so quickly? It could have been a side effect from the various problems with the folding prop, but the previous bearing had worn rather quickly as well (I don't know how many hours it had run before I got the boat but I suspect not many). I therefore sent the prop off to Hamble Propellers for checking and sure enough it was out of balance and probably had been for some time. They dressed and balanced it so hopefully everything will be smoother next year and the cutlass bearing will last for much longer. Some superficial de-zincification was also removed and hopefully will not reoccur with the fitting of  a galvanic isolator and some extra bonding between metal parts, principally of the stern gantry which holds the solar panels and wind turbine.

A shame to cover up the shiny bronze but hopefully this
coating will keep it clear of weed, barnacles etc.

I have also taken the opportunity of servicing the rope cutter, cleaned with brick cleaner (Hydrochloric Acid), then wire wool. It also has new plastic bearings, springs and bolts.

The rope cutter cleaned up well, not bad for a piece
of kit now 23 years old.

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