Thursday, January 10, 2019

The revamped forepeak

Trial fit of Sancerre’s reworked forepeak. 
Removing the bunk cushions (5” thick and always damp in season from wet sails being stored on them) gives a significant increase in storage capacity up front, the large spinnaker now being able to fit under the chain locker, the wide angle lense makes it look deeper but shorter than it is.

It also gives access to the three lockers without having to remove one or both cushions  which was not really practical at sea.

The cushions can be replaced but there would be a lot of bolts to remove!

The end result except for a few more tie downs added later.

Spinnaker, cruising chute,, storm jib, 2.7m dinghy and more in
the revised forepeak, to there would normally be an electric cool
box in the space to the right. These days I usually store the dinghy
on the cabin roof to reduce weight forward and for easier access,
although the dinghy will go through the fore hatch.

Originally posted on the Achilles flickr site.

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