Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March cruise to Alderney

An early season shake down cruise to Alderney in lovely weather.

Sancerre in the centre, the only visitor. Nice and quite and no mooring fee
 but on the down side the landing pontoon was yet to be put in the
water and the showers etc. were shut

The island has been very heavily fortified twice. Once, despite the "Entente Cordiale", in the 1840s, in response to French fortification of its norther ports. The second time by Hitler. on this trip I explored the north shore moving west.

Fort Groznez, on the wester edge of the harbour.

Rogue Tourgis

Fort Clonque at the NW corner of the Island.

Clonque on the left, The Qasquets on the horizon centre and Ortc with its
gannet colony on the right.

Seagulls eying my lunch on a warm sunny day by the harbour.

Homeward bound.
Slide show:

2019 March - Alderney

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