Saturday, July 16, 2022

Repainting Days 6 - 9

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An exhausting week with afternoon temperatures in the high 70's (and it hit 100 in the cabin) painting had to be done early, fortunately humidity at c 65% overnight was well below the maximum (80%) but three starts from home between 04:00 and 05:00s  and one from the RAFYC was tiring.

Even when I started painting at 06:00 well before I was half way through it was very difficult to "keep a wet edge", I was working on strips about 6" wide and even that did not work when I had to move the staging.

After 1 gloss coat.
After 3 top coats with the new boot line.
Working on the transom, was difficult!

The port side is not as good although it looks ok from a distance, the perils of painting in a heat wave and in deep shade when you can't see what you have overcoated and what you haven't and the fully thinned paint is too dry to fix in a minute or two. Day 9 was spent refitting hardware, doing the boot line, anti-fouling around the seacocks applying new vinyl graphics and refitting the engine inlet strainer and hose work.

Port side after 3 coats. It the weather had been kinder I would have
spent a day rubbing this side down and another day painting but with
temperatures heading to 90 degrees that was not practical and I was
cream crackered. I'll probably have the boat out of the water next summer
for antifouling which would be an opportunity to rub down and re-coat.

The rubber bumpers on the transom are to protect
the hull from the mooring lines on my "Trot mooring"
that during the strong ebb tide lie across the stern. 

Providing the Seacock is finished in time (it was delivered with the wrong handle and the replacement smaller butterfly type has not yet arrived) she will be relaunched on Wednesday the 20th which at the time of writing should be the first day with more reasonable temperatures - but still c 75 degrees.  I'll then go back to the few jobs I was meant to have been doing before the seacock incident ahead of my next cruise scheduled to start on the 5th or 6th August.

Launched, rather later than the yard planned but
good for getting onto the mooring during the first
stand. Although that got complicated as someone
had parked on my mooring, the second time this year
 and I have only been away once! Fortunately, the
operator of the moorings found me a spare.

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