Friday, July 8, 2022

Repainting Days 3 - 5.

The raised boot line with one coat in each colour done on days 1
and 2, additional coats will go on when I do the area around the
sea cocks and some work done on the fin before one coat all over.
Most of the damaged areas are now under the boot line.
After adjusting the boot line the next job was removing hardware that would get in the way such as the clam shell covers over the anchor locker drains, then rubbing down and masking up. I also took advantage of an overcast day to get undercoat on the transom which will always be in direct sun, the port side I can paint in the morning when it is in shade and the starboard side about lunch time. The damaged areas above the boot line also got a covering of undercoat to help level them up so as not to show when the job is finished. That took a day and a bit.

Working on the transom was a bit of a problem, this did not work
that well as I was working left handed and stretching. I subsequently
borrowed a large bulk of timber > a foot square to stand on which
was a bit easier when I was rubbing down.

A first go with the new International Paints undercoat.
The balance of the forth day was getting the undercoat on, this was International's new combined primer and undercoat "One Up", very thick in the can but liquid with only 5% thinners (max under 25 degrees C is 10%).  I found that coverage and finish was better with the brush than with the roller but with a higher risk of runs or curtains which I managed to avoid on the upper moulding which could not be done with the roller but I did get a couple on the transom in almost out of reach areas.

I rather like this colour and it would be somewhat cooler but the
top coat is not available in this colour and I'm in any case I am
not sure what it would look like in gloss.
Day 5 was a real pain, 8 hours of rubbing down.

Most damaged areas are no longer visible and those that are before
the top coat are only just visible at close range (colour is a
bit off in this picture due to the flash).
A day off tomorrow as the weather looks marginally more favourable on Saturday and Sunday although rather hot, but next week could be even hotter and I need to get two coats on in three days to save rubbing down.

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