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I am currently weather bound in Scotland waiting for a chance to sail to St Kilda, its been a week already (excepting a couple of day sails for shopping) and  am likely to be here for much of the next 10 days or more so having done all the odd jobs I can on the boat I am writing up some guidance on boat electrics.

Which turned into a fairly major job and in late July is still not finished!

Disclaimer: My first career was in electronics and at one time I was a member (I.Eng) of the Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers, (now merged with others to be the Institution of Incorporated Engineers) but that was a long time ago, similarly I once worked for the worlds largest manufacturer of industrial Lead Acid batteries but as IT Director not on the produce side so no responsibility is accepted or implied by anything written on this web site, use at you own risk and take advice from a currently qualified expert as you think appropriate, particular regards shore power.

Overview of Sancerre's electrics as evolved to 2023.
Click on this pic and others to enlarge.

Sancerre's primary power distribution and switching diagram
including automatic charge control for two domestic battery
banks and the starter battery.
Examples are often from my boat showing the equipment I used or inherited, other makes and types are available. I have explained some of the alternates but not all, this is a blog not a book! 

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