Sunday, April 18, 2021

2021 Round GB Day 1. Hamble to Seaford.


Posts on this trip may be written in real time or retrospectively so the tense will change, many will be cleaned up and additional pictures added when I get back and / or when stuck in harbour for a while.

Day 1, Hamble to Seaford.

I was away at 03:30, to leave Deacon's Marina & Boatyard on the last of the flood which is the easiest and safest time to get out of a narrow berth which as other times has a strong current trying to knock you into other boats. It also gives a long favourable tide from the eastern Solent eastwards,

With the forecast wind the original plan was to go North of the Rampion Wind farm so I went though the narrow Looe channel just off of Selsey Bill, that proved to be unfortunate as after a very pleasant albeit cold sail on a reach most of the way there, the wind freshened and I went through close hauled and into a very nasty sea caused by 15 - 19 knots of wind against 2 knots of tide in shallow water (5 metres at LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide)) about 6 metres when I got there a day off of a spring tide.

Then the wind headed me again and it was clear I would not get north of the Rampion wind farm without tacking so I went to plan "B" and went south in the hope that the wind would revert. 

Approaching the Rampion Wind Farm, thoughtfully placed on the
direct line from Selsey Bill to Beachy Head - there will be
many more  to negotiate going up the east coast.

The "Cunning Plan" failed and once past the wind farm the wind veered further and it was a struggle to get to Seaford, just along the coast from Newhaven and about 7 miles NW of Beachy Head. But at least I did it all under sail once I was clear of the Hamble and Southampton Water.

Evidence that my cunning plan failed, not for the last time I suspect.

Seaford Anchorage, only useful in offshore winds
or unusually calm conditions,

67.9 nautical miles over the ground in 14 hours. Winds mainly c 12 knots but occasionally c 19 knots.

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