Monday, April 26, 2021

2021 Round GB Days 11 - ? Blyth to Lindisfarne.

The forecast was rather more moderate on Sunday morning, strong winds are still forecast for the coming week but not until Monday/Tuesday and not as strong as in previous forecasts, so the Lindisfarne anchorage should be tenable. 

Despite missing the tide waiting for the up-to-date weather maps I decided to press on with a forecast of reasonable winds to get there, that did not come to pass as winds were light and did not exceed 7 knots all day and was generally around 4 knots until a mile or so out when it picked up to a good sailing breeze and all that did was create more disturbed water as I went over the bar going into the lagoon at Lindisfarne. 

The fine weather did bring the opportunity of some sight seeing, rather different to last year when going in the opposite direction I passed the interesting bits in thick fog. 

Dunstanburgh Castle
Seahouses with Bamburgh Castle in the distance.
Inner Farne
Bamburgh Castle
The leading marks into Lindisfarne, you carry on on this heading
until the marks come into line then quickly turn left keeping them
in line until another set of marks (the church and a purpose built
tower) come into line, turn hard right and follow them into anchorage
through the narrow channel.
The view on the way in.
Looking out of the anchorage with the Farne Islands in the distance.
Looking up the anchorage towards the lagoon. A fellow solo
sailor at anchor, one of the few yachts I have seen so far.
This picture and the one above was taken at low tide, as I write
 the current here is 2 knots and about 4 knots in the narrowest
part of the channel.
The forecast on Monday morning was iffy, although the weather maps looked better but I decided not to risk starting the long trip to Peterhead, I could be here for a while.

Update: That turned out to be a good call, the evening inshore waters forecast indicated F7 on occasion.

Slide show all of my pictures around Lindisfarne, page through by clicking the arrows or click in the centre of the pic to view from Flickr in a new window or full screen:

2021 Lindisfarne

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