Friday, March 25, 2022

2022 St Kilda Day 3. Crows and wind instruments don’t mix.

Today I learned not to write that it’s been a smooth 2 days before the day has ended.

Just after finishing I heard some loud squawking from the top of the mast. The crow flew off but not before doing some damage. Fortunately I checked and found the wind instruments were not working although the sensor is turning and pointing. Presumably it disturbed the connection or damaged the cable.

I am now in the marina waiting for a rigger to help fix it, apart from my arthritis and general decrepitude it’s really a 2 man job, one fiddling and one checking to see if it’s working. Hopefully it can be fixed otherwise I could be here for a while.

Fixed this morning (Saturday), off again tomorrow. The forecast is reasonable although it could be a bit blower at times, and F6 further west and east so I’ll need to keep an eye on the forecast. 

There is some seriously nasty weather coming in on Thursday with some models showing northerly gust of 50 knots so I’ll have to make sure I am somewhere very safe by then, Newlyn would be favourite and possible if the weather behaves itself, with Fowey or the Fal as back ups.

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