Wednesday, April 19, 2023

2023 April 17th Day 3 - 5 to and at Fowey

I had hoped to sail to Fowey so with light easterly winds forecast I left Brixham at 04:00 with no wind and a foul tide so as to reach Start Point as the tide turned to the west at 08:00, unfortunately the wind never got above 4 or 5 knots over the ground (2.5 – 4 knots over the deck with the tide behind me) and frequently less so I ended up motoring in chilly and damp conditions all the way arriving to almost empty moorings and pontoons at 14:00.

I’ll be here a while, I could have got to St Mawes on Tuesday but I needed some rest and the weather does not look good through at least Thursday.

If you expand this to full screen you can just see a building
above the blue car ferry. That is apparently worth £4.5m and
together with £100k and a car is in a raffle being pushed on
Facebook and elsewhere. Hopefully the winner will not mind
the noise of the ferry working all day or the view of the china
clay works up channel iirc none of that is in the advert.

58 miles in 10 hours.

2023 Fowey

Click here for the leg to St Mawes.

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