Tuesday, April 23, 2024

2024 April 22nd Days 24 & 25, Fowey and St Mawes

A very satisfactory short visit to Fowey, as planned I arrived at 08:45 and once secure to the short stay (free) walk ashore pontoon, did a quick shop, including a couple of reasonable frozen pasties to cook onboard, then went to the fuel berth to top up with diesel and was away to St Mawes in less than an hour.

I came away very pleased with myself having executing a perfect “ferry glide” to and from the short stay pontoon through numerous moorings and following that up getting onto the fuel berth with 1.5 knots flowing past it, fortunately almost directly along it, and just stepping off at exactly the right place with a couple of lines that did not strain until made off, springing off was straightforward using the tide and I was well clear of the rocks just downstream of the pontoon. Having done that I will have to be very careful at Newlyn as the odds say I will mess that up big time.

I particularly wanted to fill up in Fowey, it is the last chance for a long way to fill up from a pump and my back has still not fully recovered from lifting a 20 litre can of diesel out of the locker when at Portland the second time. Secondly filling to the top gave me a chance to validate my fuel consumption figures, in the event my planned consumption at 1.5 litres per hour compares with actual consumption since I got the boat in 2017 of 1.54 litres per hour; and over the 200 hours since the last refill the consumption calculated from the fuel gauge was only 6.3 litres out and on the safe, conservative, side.

The wind was light and almost on the nose but with more forecast and likely to be adverse later from Dodman point, I motored for an hour to Dodman then sailed close hauled in a nice 10 knots of wind until just short of  St Anthony Head when the wind dropped, by the time I had the engine on and the sails stowed if came in quite fresh from the north but I carried on under engine for the short distance into St Mawes.

The season in this part of the world doesn't get started until May
so very few boats on the water off St Mawes.

Mooring maintenance at St Mawes
Polkerris to Fowey and St Mawes.

I plan to have a rest day here before making my way slowly to Newlyn hopefully going onto a pontoon on Friday morning so that I can get laundry done before visiting on Saturday when yet another gale is forecast, then head out some time between Sunday (preferable for the best tide) and Tuesday depending on the weather, probably heading for St Ives to shorten the trip to South Wales or Ireland.

To Fowey, 4 miles in an hour. To St Mawes, 24 miles in five and a half hours.

Click here for Newlyn.

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