Sunday, April 21, 2024

2024 April 17th Days 19 & 20,back to Hamble to fix the anchor windlass.

WIP - a place holder to be fleshed out when I have time and energy after a dash west.

A bumpy but quick ride back under headsail only in a stronger than forecast F5-6 wind. With a F5 northerly wind forecast that would have made getting onto the mooring difficult I booked a couple of nights on the RAFYC walk ashore pontoon which would also be more convenient and save getting the dinghy and outboard into and out of the water.

I will write up the windlass problem in my normal post on defects for the cruise, but for now there turned out to other issues than a burnt out motor and I had to replace the whole windlass.

The offending windlass came out easily
then the problems started.

With brisk winds forecast overnight on the 18th and through the 19th I moved to the mooring earlier than planned to avoid struggling with the wind.

56 nautical miles in 12 hours.

Click here for my return to Portland.

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