Tuesday, May 21, 2024

2024 May 20th Day 52, Tobermory to Camas Croise.

Another lovely morning, but no wind.

With bad weather now forecast on Wednesday afternoon it was either leave or be there for the rest of the week and be on a mooring somewhat exposed to the north winds, so off I went.  

A light breeze came in from the east as I entered The Sound so up went the cruising chute. It actually got quite windy as I approached Ardnamurchan point reaching Force 5, only acceptable with the chute on a very broad reach, I would have to head up when past the point so down it came and a few minutes later the wind completely disappeared so on went the engine. 
At 13:40 a south-westerly wind crept in and the chute went back up until just short of the anchorage when the wind moved backed to the SSW and the chute would not work on the dead run, there was no point in rigging the pole or hoisting the symmetrical spinnaker  so I motored the last 2 miles.
The Hebridean Princess mini cruise ship, I have seen her at least
once on every trip to Scotland and multiple times in the Scilly
Isles and the West Country. The Isle of Rum in the background.
The anchorage at Camas Croise.
39 miles in 9 hours.

Slide show with lots of pics to follow, probably when I get home.

Click here for a rush to Lochcarron for shelter.Click here for a rush to Lochcarron for shelter.

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