Saturday, May 18, 2024

2024 May 18th Days 50 & 51, To Tobermory.

 WIP, no pics yet except those on the iPad

I left early against the tide to make the best of the day at Tobermory, the morning was very busy, rowing in twice to replenish Diesel and Water, both of which were low and a heavy lift. The a row across the harbour to the beach outside of the COOP for a major shop with some heavy items, fortunately, unlike the shop in Ardglass most of the items had long use by dates, I had decided to stay on the mooring for two nights and left some items for Sunday only to find none of the fruit and veg I wanted  to be in-stock so a second trip was required in the afternoon - I had spied the coop delivery truck leaving as I arrived in the morning.

The rest of Sunday morning was spend doing an oil and filter change on the engine, it was not due  but would become so when I would be out in the wilds of NW Scotland or the Hebrides and I prefered to do it on a mooring with supplies available locally rather than at ancho in some remote place.

A newly built "Pleasure Craft" (according to AIS) came in
for a few hours after anchoring in the fairway. In my view a
very unattractive bow, presumably that long to give room for
the Helipad forward.

The forecast are again all over the place, fat Loch Aline the strong winds had failed to materialise, on Saturday night gale force winds were forecast for Thursday, now on Sunday morning they are due to arrive on Wednesday afternoon with light winds Monday and Tuesday. I therefore gave up on crossing the Sea of Hebrides where I was hopeful of a repeat of last years spectacular display of wildlife. 

Instead I will head up the Sound of Sleat, going as far as I can under sail on Monday then heading for the Kyle Rhea on Tuesday, a fair tide is mandatory here as the tide is stronger than the boat will go, fortunately it starts to run north at 12:30 so I should be able to get through there and past Skye Bridge. An anchorage suitable in a gale force northerly may be a stretch for Tuesday but possible if there is not going to be time on Wednesday before it arrives.
14 miles in less than 3 hours.
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