Monday, May 27, 2024

2024 May 26th Day 58, To Tarbet Lagoon, Handa Island


At last! sailing as soon as I cleared the Loch until I turned to go behind Handa Island. It was a bit of a work out with the wind frequently changing from 10 - 20 knots, resulting lots of reefing, in the offshore wind the sea was not rough but the first choppy water since the leg to Milford Haven and it did help remove some of the dead weed from the hull resulting in my speed gradually increasing and relieved some of the strain on the engine when I stopped sailing.

Cliffs on Handa Island

The cliffs of Handa Island had huge numbers of guillemots lined up on the ledges, not really visible on the picture above but clearly visible with binoculars and indicated by the white droppings.

AI description from Google. 

Handa Island, a Scottish nature reserve in the Highlands, is home to the UK's largest population of guillemots and one of the most important seabird colonies in northern Europe. In the spring, tens of thousands of seabirds migrate to the island's Torridonian sandstone cliffs to breed and feed in the surrounding waters. The best time to see the seabirds in action is April to July, when they are reproducing.

More  pics to follow.

The anchorage as depicted on the Antares Char, if the
weather had been better it would be a very pleasant
place to sit out in the evening, especially when you
are the only one there.

41 miles in nine and three-quarter hours.

Click here for Cape Wrath and Loch Eriboll.

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