Thursday, May 30, 2024

2024 May 29th Day 60 - 62, Stromness and Skara Brae (by bus).


A very damp trip in mist and fog, again motoring all the way.

The "Old Man of Hoy" as the mist and drizzle lifts.
Bay of Skail from Skara Brae
Entering Hoy Sound with 5 knots of tide, 1 day from a neap tide. Stromness 3/4 of a mile behind that headland.

At Stromness marina, "Puffin" and Sancerre had been leap
frogging each other from Rassay and she was just behind me
going round Cape Wrath but then went directly to Stromness.
We will probably meet again at Kirkwall.

Skara Brae
Puffin had left for Kirkwall when I got back from Skara Brea so I warped Sancerre over to the next pontoon so that I could have a go at cleaning some of the weed off of the starboard side having removed a lot from the port side on Thursday. Despite the adverts for the cleaning devise it’s very hard work and is only effective from a pontoon, not from the side of the boat when you can’t apply enough pressure.
After warping (moved with ropes not under engine) across
the bay to the next pontoon
Inshore survey vessel HMS Magpie behind.
I'll be moving to Kirkwall on Saturday before bad weather arrives on Sunday and it is entirely possible that strong winds will keep me there for a week or more πŸ™.

Fortunately the Rost (Roost) only forms on the west going tide.
31 miles in six and a half hours.
Click here for a disappointing decision.

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