Friday, June 21, 2024

2024 June 21st Day 84, Eilean Dubh to Gigha


The wind was very light when I woke up so I decided to head for Gigha, if the tides behaved themselves I should be able to complete the short 20 mile hop before the tide turned adverse at 11:00 and it would shorten the leg to Ireland.

I was away at 07:00 and shortly afterward the rain started and the headwind steadily increased to the F3-5 creating a light chop but with 1.5 knots of tide I was making reasonable progress.

Then the tide turned early and the wind went to F5-F6 and I was making < 3 knots over the ground due to the very short sea, wind and tide. In the end I gave up on that, set  a double reefed headsail and motored sailed at 45 degrees now making 4.5 - 5+ knots. I had been trying for east coast but that was not really practical so I went to Bagh na Doirline on the NW corner. 

It rained most of the way and my expensive, not that old, waterproof top proved it wasn't despite re proofing last winter so I will be reverting to last years cheaper replacement.

There is little chance of moving further south until Sunday or later and that will probably require motoring. But there are hints that an overnight passage might be completed with favourable winds for some hours, that is a decision for tomorrow (Saturday).

The anchorage after the rain stopped.

21 miles in 5 hours.
Click here for what happened on Saturday.

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