Friday, July 23, 2021

2021 Summer Cruise - Boats racing off St Mawes

When anchoring off St Mawes you have to be ready for boats racing through the anchorage, mid week when these pictures were taken they get a good number of boats, at the weekends it get really hectic.

The guys in these work boats are very good and unlikely to get
things badly wrong, that may not apply to some others!
Having the dinghy tethered to the back of the boat on a longish
painter helps to keep boats away from the self steering!

There was a good fleet of Ajax class keel boats. The Achilles 24
is based on this hull, 4" more freeboard and a lid. 
And of Rustler / Piper 24's. It rather pleased me that the old Piper
boats were giving the 3 modern Rustler versions a good spanking.
I am sure that the more modern 2 spreader rig of the Rustler version
is better upwind but the main looks awful downwind (sorry no pic)
with the swept back spreaders distorting the main to the extent that
the main boom could not reach the shroud.
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