Saturday, July 3, 2021

Round GB 2021. Defects and issues with the boat.

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I had very few problems with the boat on this trip, largely a reflection of a lot of work and more than 6,000 solo miles completed before I left.


The USB powered hub that allows me to connect the PC to multiple devices, most importantly  GPS, AIS and NavTex failed. It took quite a while to find a replacement that could be powered from 12V or a USB socket - the old one was about 15 years old!

The Power lead for the PC started to fail coming down the Irish coast and was a pain causing the navigation software to fail on several occasions until I gave up on AIS and used the back up GPS dongle instead of the plotter or AIS output. This was particularly annoying as I think it is the only cable that I didn’t have a spare for, I have now.

The mainspring on the clock broke or detached. I can restore pocket watches but I don't have a spring compressor for this size of spring so it could be a problem, fortunately I do have a spare clock (its a long story) and although it is of good quality with a centre seconds hand it needs winding more frequently. Update: The spring was detached from the arbor, reattached, service and again keeping good time πŸ˜€

The anchor windlass remote control did not work when I tried to use it for the first time in a couple of years, not yet investigated but probably a loose wire. Fixed, loose connector.

The headsail furling gear failed 3 times, the first partly due to user error, the others were hopefully fixed by changing the lead for the furling line, it has certainly now been OK for a lot of sailing.

A deck leak became apparent the first time it rained, initially I thought it was the deck gland fitting that had been disturbed when running a cable for the wind instruments  the day before I left but when I checked it was OK. During a rainy day in Fowey I remove the headlining and found this was not the case. I removed the central Dorade vent cover and found a small drilled hole partially covered by it. I'm sure it was not visible when I previously removed the cover to fix the vent and I did not do any drilling so I can only assume that it has been there a long time and filler had fallen out. It is now sealed with a small screw and some  sealant.

One broken winch handle pocket, it was already damaged and using it to hold the boot hook with mooring lines attached when going into Crinan canal locks finished it off. Replaced.

The cockpit floor is like a skating rink when dry so will need a coat of deck paint before I sail again, I suppose it hasn't done badly, 2 round GB trips as, due to covid, I did not have time to redo it last winter. 


Lost 18 metres of chain, I'm not sure yet if I will buy a new full length chain or live with 32 metres, some nylon warp and weight to back it up. The former is the best option for some cruising areas but 50 metres of 6 mm grade 40 chain would cost £263 and 40 metres of heavier but much stronger 7mm grade 40 (of 44Kg total weight vs 42.5Kg for 6mm) would be £280, both needing to be collected or delivered for £70. Replaced with 42 metres of 40 grade, 7mm chain.

The spinnaker guy snap shackles sometimes go into the jaws of the pole, they need a Parrel bead. Fixed.

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