Saturday, July 3, 2021

Round GB 2021, Day78. Lyme Regis to Studland Bay.

I had initially thought to take the last of the tidal gate around Portland and to go into Portland harbour but I found that the Round the Island race was due to start on Saturday, that would mean about a thousand boats in the Solent so I thought it best to press on and try and get to the Hamble on Friday before the mayhem. So, I left at 04:45 to get the start of the gate using the engine in zero wind.

Achilles 9m Sancerre off Golden Cap
"Golden Cap", east of Charmouth and Lyne Regis at Dawn.

Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" off Portland
Rounding The Bill by the inshore route which is 300 yards wide,
further out and you will likely end up in the most extensive and
dangerous race and over falls in the channel. This was taken two
minutes after the tide makes the transition practical.

Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" off Portland
The old quarries on the east side of The Bill.

Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" off Old Harry
Approaching Old Harry Rocks (right).

Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" off Old Harry
Old Harry.
Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" off Old Harry
Old Harry and Old Harrys Wife.
Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" off Old Harry
Sunset over the anchorage.

49 miles in 10 3/4 hours.

Slide show all of my pictures from Lyme Regis to Studland. Page through by clicking the arrows or click in the centre of the pic to view from Flickr in a new window or full screen:

2021 Lyme Regis - Studland

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