Tuesday, September 7, 2021

2021 Late Summer Cruise, Days 18 - 20, Newlyn - St Mawes - Fowey.

It was a rather slow trip given the F5 easterly wind, caused by almost head seas on the long port tack, I went 2 knots quicker on starboard. It was a quick finish from the Manacles despite the wind dropping. 

40 miles in ten and a quarter hours.

A long leg offshore to get into deep water and somewhat easier seas. 
I left early preferring a foul tide to Dodman or further and wind with the tide to a later departure with wind against tide and rougher seas, I have that T shirt along this bit of coast, even so an old topsail schooner c 70ft on the deck was pitching so much off St Anthony Head that the entire bowsprit was under water at times. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ.
Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" At Fowey
Out of bed early due to a new arrival.
It was reasonably quite in Fowey on Saturday, then a cruise ship turned up at 06:00 on Sunday. It was very busy when I went ashore with no one masked so I didn't bother looking for somewhere to eat, just had a shower at the yacht club, did a bit of grocery shopping, bought a rather good pasty from a shop I remember from the 70's and came back to the boat. 
Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" At Fowey
The weather on Sunday was cool and damp with fog setting in
from mid afternoon.
Achilles 9 metres "Sancerre" At Fowey

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