Sunday, September 4, 2022

2022 Celtic Circuit, Day 30 By dinghy to Truro

With high tide at 11:00 and no rain it was a good day for a late morning shopping trip to Truro, 3 miles up river on the last of the flood and back on the ebb. Conveniently there is a set of steps from the river right next to a large Tesco's who even have signage just for water users. 

Warning: I am advised by a local that it is advisable to lock the dinghy too something if possible and the engine to the dinghy.

A day off of a neap tide I might have made it close to low tide but especially in an inflatable it is best to be on the safe side, some abandoned metal work could easily cause a lot of damage and a helpful tidal stream is usually to be welcomed. 

The red circle bottom right marks Sancerre on
the pontoon.
It was sad to see a lot of abandoned and neglected boats on the river approaching Truro, I guess the moorings are free or cheap or they would most likely have been moved, it is surprising to some how many boats can be had, if you have the contacts, around the Solent for £1 to get them off the owner's hands saving mooring or storage costs, when I was ashore at Deacon's in July there were at least two such boats undergoing restoration by their new owners.

Tesco's on the left, landing steps opposite the motor boat
which is moored by the Harbour Master's office.
I almost made it back in one, but ran out of fuel about 300 yards short, necessitating a quick refill from the can and I made it back before the rain came again. Quite a long trip in the dinghy which did my arthritis no good, but I was now well supplied with fresh food, so it was curry night with fresh ingredients.

The slide show covers the trip there and back.

2022 Summer Truro

c 6 miles in a couple of hours.

Stuck in the Truro River.

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