Stopping Places: Lands End North to Anglesey

See below for Milford Haven
Be sure to check out Reeds  and / or the appropriate pilots for more detailed information and alternates, this is just an overview of likely candidates, but I have been to all of them. 

To see my recent visits to each anchorage check out the "Labels" towards the bottom of the right hand panel, links below may not be comprehensive.

Update Sept 23 to include Harbours and Marinas also some info on fuel & gas availability, this is not comprehensive as I only have to fill up occasionally.

St Ives

If you can work the tide to get round Lands End from Newlyn to be at Cape Cornwall at a sensible time then with an east bound tide (as there should be) St Ives is achievable in a day and is an excellent setting off point for SE Ireland or South Wales BUT only in settled conditions, it is exposed to onshore winds and Atlantic swell and waves can refract round the headland to make the anchorage untenable, Newquay further up the coast is a surfing mecca for that very reason. 

Carbis bay (below) has a little more shelter and is unencumbered by moorings, but I would still use a tripping line to be on the safe side.  

Vodafone and O2 signals OK.


In 2022 (and probably in 2020) there was a large number of lobster pots north of the harbour with strings running east / west, each with a pick up buoy and a Dan buoy several meters down tide of it. On a dark night going North / South there is a good chance of fouling one as I did in 2022. If you really have to leave or arrive during a dark night don't head for / from the harbour go via "Clodgy  Point" west of the harbour (or a bit further west) and keep close to the shore between there and the harbour keeping a very sharp look out using a good lamp, at least you will pass inshore of most of them and run parallel to the well separated but joined buoys, see also cautions under Carbis Bay.

St Ives after a week of light winds,
Looking SE towards Carbis Bay.
Visited 2020 & 2022.

St Ives - Carbis Bay

Just SE of the above with slightly better shelter, more room with no moorings and good holding. Vodafone and O2 signals OK.

Visited 2023


When I visited in 2023 there were still a number of pots as described above but coming out of Carbis bay I counted over thirty sets of pot buoys between Carbis bay and "The Stones" to the NE, many small and difficult to see, definitely not a route to take in the dark.

A wide angle shot of Carbis bay from the anchorage.

Padstow - Portquin Bay.

One of two anchorages recommended to use when waiting for the tide to get into the River Camel and Padstow. This one is a couple of miles NE as the crow flies, behind "The Rumps" and inside "The Mouls", the other is east of Trevose Head. Good shelter from the wind in westerlies and offshore winds but I'm not sure how much see could refract around "The Rumps" and inside "The Mouls" but it was fine when I was there in 2023 after some brisk sailing the previous night.


There were only a couple of Pots near the anchorage but quite a few poorly marked ones without flags off Tintagel Head to the NE, in the dark I hit one but had got the power off in time and as I was coming almost down tide and the pair of buoys were close together I did not get entangled.
Looking North from the anchorage.
Visited 2023

Milford Haven

Milford Haven anchorages
If going up the west coast of Wales then Milford is an obvious stop off point and it also works well to or from Ireland depending on the wind and it has an anchorage to suit most winds. The most convenient are Dale Shelf with winds with west in them, Sandy Haven Bay for north westerlies to easterlies and West Angle Bay for easterlies and Angle Bay for southerlies although I have not used this largely due to it being shallow. If the wind changes you will probably have to move as the water can get quite uncomfortable, although not dangerous very quickly. 

I would avoid Crow Pool (Pembrook River) in windy conditions, see below. There are a number of good anchorages above Cleddau bridge but it is 10NM from the entrance to the first ones. Vodafone and O2 signals OK throughout.

Anchored above Cleddau bridge.

Dale Shelf

Alongside the free to use pontoon moored in Dale Shelf Bay. I would not recommend lying to this overnight unless the weather is very calm, I had spent a quite night at anchor close by and motored over to meet up with some fellow Jester sailors, the boat in front of Sancerre is from the RAFYC of which I am a member and the one in front of that is a very well travelled Achilles 840. An hour or so after arrival the sea got up and we left, two of us to Sandy Haven Bay.

Visited 2021 and three times in 2022, twice in 2023 and in 2024 - click on the "label" for Milford on the side panel.

Sandy Haven Bay

No facilities but good holding and shelter from the north and east. 3G only on O2, 4G on Vodafone.

Visited 2021 and twice in each of 2022 and 2023, once in 2024.

Sandy Haven Bay

Crow Pool (Pembroke River)

Holding suspect and very exposed to gusts from the SE.

Warning: I do not recommend anchoring in the Pembroke river in any wind, see "Near disaster [on the Pembroke River] then up the River Cleddau", and in light winds anchorages further west are likely to be preferred.

Visited 2022


Very exposed to the N and especially the NE. The picturesque harbour at lower town dries and is only useful for landing, there is a café (not tried) and little else but a stiff uphill walk will get you into town. The anchorage between Saddle Point and Castle Point fills quickly but there is plenty of room east and west which would provide better protection from a strong southerly wind which would whistle down the valley. The anchorage off Goodwick sands is more exposed and the northern section is marked on the chart as having small craft moorings whilst there were few visible it could indicate the area is foul with old moorings. Vodafone and O2 signals OK.

Providing there is at least a couple of metres of water above chart datum there is a good slip way for landing on the north side of the East Breakwater. There is a garage close by for fuel by porterage, the Spar shop at the garage is a waste of time for ships stores but there is a large Tesco Express a hundred yards along the road. 

Lower Town anchorage left and centre the east breakwater from
where I anchored NE of Castle Point in 2023.
Visited in 2023

Aberdaron Bay:

A large bay 3.5 miles NE of Bardsey Island. Access through Bardsey Sound needs a fair tide and it would be slow going coming from the south against the tide but once in  there is good holding and good shelter from off shore winds. I used it returning from Ireland in 2022 and 2023. A direct passage to Milford is possible from here in the right conditions but is a very long day, Fishguard is likely to be preferred stop off  on route (see the link for 2023).

Aberdaron Bay anchorage at 21:22

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