Wednesday, April 27, 2022

2022 St Kilda Day 33 To Tinkers Hole.

I left at 06:40 with an 8 knot easterly wind which was rather variable until about 10:00 when it settled down to ENE F3-4 when I was just off the norther point of Colonsay.

Off Colonsay heading to Tinker's Hole.
Entering "The Steamer Channel", a short cut to the Sound of Iona
Tinker's Hole is off to the right.
Tinker's Hole and the Steamer channel running west of Eilean
Dubh as sown on the excellent Antares Chart
Heading into Tinker's Hole, there is a sequence showing the
approach in the slide show below.
A rather tight anchorage if you want to stay out of the strong stream,
and out of the stream the slight tide is unpredictable, I was always south
of the anchor over about 14 hours. A line ashore to limit swing would
be a good idea and, in some locations essentially mandatory, especially
when it is busy, and it can get very busy!
Tinker's Hole is impressive and popular but I think there are
better options (and a couple of people I have spoken to agree),
perhaps an anchorage to go to once, or to take a look at. 
2022 St Kilda Day 33 To Tinker's Hole. 
26 miles in 7 hours.

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