Thursday, May 5, 2022

2022 St Kilda Days 39 & 41 Canna to LochBoisdale and Skipport.

The trip over to Loch Boisdale was not eventful and largely under engine due to lack of wind, there are limited pictures as there was little to see. 29 miles in four and a half hours.

The weather was looking very iffy so there was no rush to move on so I stayed over to get the washing done (the laundry at Tobermory was closed awaiting new machines) and to have a good fish and chip lunch in the local hotel with Bill Fraser, another single-hander who came in with his old one tonner "Ceil III" on route to pick up some crew.

Loch Boisdale from the Hotel, the almost new marina is on the right.
 The interior of Ceil III, much, much tidier than
when we had dinner on board. I provided French
made tins of beef bourguignon (very good), Bill
provided LOTS of wine πŸ˜€.
Pic stolen from Bills Facebook feed.
I left about 09:30 (with no hang over) towards the north, having to wait outside of the marina for the daily ferry to depart down the narrow channel, intending to go to Loch Maddy via Skipport but already considering bugging out to the mainland for a few days as I had been warned of  limited shopping in Loch Maddy and weather forecasts indicating poor weather ahead for a considerable period.
Heading north towards Loch Skipport.
The entry to the Caolas Mor anchorage is rather narrow!

In I go. The channel is rather narrower than it seems due to 
shallow water on the right and shallow spots further in.
The well protected anchorage is connected to the rather less
protected one to the east.
Looking inland
2022 St Kilda Days 39 & 41 Canna to LochBoisdale and Skipport.

16 miles in five and a half hours.

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