Sunday, May 22, 2022


Day 17 weather bound in Plockton, I had hoped to leave today but its going to rain for the rest of the day and it is forecast to be SW F4 - F6 this afternoon, that would be bad news in the Sound of Sleat which gets very rough with wind against tide in a south-westerly. Also there is more bad weather coming in on Wednesday and Thursday.

So, I am going to leave tomorrow (Monday), the weather will not be brilliant but reasonable in the afternoon, I can't get through the Kyle Rhea (the narrow channel between Skye and the mainland) until the tide changes c 14:00 (it runs at 8 knots with over-falls, eddies etc.) so will get through then anchor at Ornsay, Loch Na Dal or on the south side for the night. 

The weather on Tuesday will hopefully be better and possibly with a NW wind to get me to Tobermory where hopefully there will be a buoy or space on a pontoon available. Then, assuming their new washing machines have arrived and installed, I'll clear a big back log of washing, have several showers and restock with food and water for the trip south.

The models suggest some reasonable weather the week after next, I think I deserve some!

Click here for my move out of Plockton.

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