Sunday, May 28, 2023

2023 May 28th, Day 45 Lochmaddy to Opsay Basin, Sound of Harris.

With the weather looking reasonable from Tuesday or Wednesday I planned another couple of short legs, the first is a very small anchorage with excellent protection from any swell or waves coming in from the Atlantic, there is little protection from the wind but that is likely to be around Force 3 so is a non issue.

Opsay Basin, the red circle is Sancerre shortly after arrival.
note the scale! remembering that Sancerre is 10 yards long
and needs to lay to 30 yards of chain or more and will swing
with the wind and tide.  Also the narrowness of the exit to the NW
that is part of the Grey Horse Channel to the NW of the Sound.
Entering the Basin

The view north with the ferry crossing from Harris to N.Uist
I followed part of that route the next day.
The carne in the centre marks the southern side of the Grey
Horse Channel passage mentioned above. 
The Route from Lochmaddy.

2023 Lochmaddy to Opsay Basin, Sound of Harris

8 miles in 3 hours in light winds.

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